How to clean my television screen?

How often should I clean my TV screen

Televisions are essential pieces of your home, whether for watching your
favorite shows, movies or games. However, over time, the TV screen can
accumulate dust, fingerprints, and other dirt that affects the image quality. To keep
your TV clean and functioning properly, it is important to know how to clean it
correctly. Below, we will explore some useful tips for cleaning your television screen.

Why does the TV screen get dirty?

Before learning how to clean your TV screen, it is important to understand why it
gets dirty. The screen can accumulate dust, dirt, and fingerprint marks for several
reasons, including:

  • Food residue;
  • Dust and dirt present in the air;
  • Excessive use of cleaning chemicals.
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What are the best products to clean the screen?

Contrary to what many people think, conventional cleaning chemicals such as
alcohol or multipurpose cleaners are not recommended for cleaning your TV screen.
These products can damage the protective coating of the screen, causing stains and
To safely and effectively clean your TV screen, you can use a slightly damp
microfiber cloth with distilled water. These cloths are soft and lint-free, and distilled
water does not contain minerals that can harm the screen. Be sure not to spray
water directly onto the screen, but rather dampen the cloth and gently wipe it over
the surface.
Another option is to use specific TV screen cleaning kits, which usually contain a
microfiber cloth and a specialized cleaning liquid. These kits are specially designed
to clean the TV screen without damaging it, but it is important to check if the product
is suitable for your TV brand and model before using it.

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How often should I clean my TV screen?

The frequency at which you should clean your TV screen depends on usage and the
conditions of the space in which the TV is installed. Generally, it is recommended to
clean it every two weeks, but if your TV is in a high traffic or dusty area, you may
need to clean it more often. Avoid cleaning the TV screen too frequently, as this can
wear down the protective coating of the screen and cause stains or scratches.


In conclusion, cleaning your television screen is a simple task that can be
done with products easily found at home or in specialized stores. It is important to
remember that a clean screen not only improves the picture quality of your TV but
also helps to prolong its lifespan. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and
using appropriate products, you can keep your TV screen clean and free from dust
and dirt. So, take the time to regularly clean your TV screen and enjoy the best
experience possible.

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