What should I clean in my house every week?

Keeping the house clean and organized can seem like a challenging task, but it is essential to ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for the whole family. And to help with this task, there are some areas and objects that should be cleaned every week. Check out some tips below:


Floors are one of the areas that accumulate the most dirt, dust and germs, so it is important to clean them every week. Use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to remove the dirt and then use a damp cloth to finish cleaning.


The bathroom is an area that requires extra attention in cleaning, as it is where several activities can leave the environment dirty. Clean all surfaces, including the sink, toilet, shower, and mirror.


The kitchen should also be cleaned every week, especially the sink, stove and countertop. Remember to remove all leftover food and wash the utensils used during the week.

Bedding and bath linens

Bedding and bath linens should be changed and washed every week. This helps prevent the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria that can cause allergies and health problems.

Dust on furniture

Dust is a big enemy of home cleaning as it can cause respiratory problems. Therefore, it is important to remove dust from furniture every week using a damp cloth or a duster.

Remember to adapt these tips to your daily life and the needs of your home to ensure a clean and pleasant environment at all times.

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